The creation of the Autumn Winter 14-15 collection "IN MOTION" began on the ubway tunnels of an Eastern European city where I was mostly inspired by the transitions between spaces, the private and the public spaces, the outdoors and indoors, light and darkness, and the space that forms between our body and the fabric we wear.

The result is a meticulous daily collection which emphasizes soft and breathable fabrics and ventilated patterns which allow for a smooth and natural body motion in all the interchanges of our everyday lives.  These urban labyrinths also inspired me to make textures and patterns on fabrics using silk screen printing, and hand-painting techniques which helped to bring a warmer and more personal touch to this alienated urban concept.

In the collection: an oversize light coat with wide 3\4 sleeves and deep pockets, buttoned shirts with bat sleeves, maxi dress with delicate lines and comfortable fabrics, hoodie dresses in two lengths, pleated pants, hand-painted tights and more

Summer 2016